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Every spa treatment or spa package includes a complimentary 30 minute private mineral spring soak prior to your treatment.


INTEGRATIVE SWEDISH MASSAGE - 60 min. | $145 Sun.-Fri. | $155 Saturdays
Unwind, decompress, and relax to restore body and mind. Using purposeful massage techniques of light to medium pressure to embrace your specific needs by easing muscle tension and promoting relaxation.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - 60 min. | $160 Sun.-Fri. | $170 Saturdays
For those who prefer a firm touch, deep tissue work includes slow specific strokes and focused pressure reaching deep into muscles while releasing chronic tension. A blend of techniques are used to relieve muscle tightness and soothe sore muscles.

MOTHER-TO-BE MASSAGE - 60 min. | $155 Sun.-Fri. | $165 Saturdays
Focus on the changing needs of your body's overall wellness, designed to nurture the expectant mother after the first trimester. While cradled in comfort your tension and fatigue will dissolve.


OXYGENATING FACIAL BY IMAGE - 60 min. | $170 Sun.-Fri. | $180  Saturdays
Unveil fresh, healthy skin with our effervescent oxygen infusing facial that’s both gentle, and invigorating—visibly increasing radiance, clarity, and hydration. This treatment is ideal for every skin type.

ULTIMATE LIFTING FACIAL BY IMAGE - 60 min. | $180 Sun.-Fri. | $190  Saturdays
Immediately reveal a healthier complexion with just one application of this revolutionary four layer treatment. A unique, nutrient rich blend of ingredients repairs your skin to brighten, tighten, and lift while strengthening and improving its ability to retain moisture. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

STONE CROP ESSENTIAL FACIAL BY EMINENCE - 60 min. | $155 Sun.-Fri. | $165  Saturdays
Discover a smoother, calmer, and firmer complexion. Stone Crop is a natural succulent used for centuries as a first-aid plant. Custom tailored to your skin type, sensitive skin is calmed, oily to dry skin is balanced, and signs of sun damage are lightened.

TRIPLE C & E FIRMING FACIAL BY EMINENCE - 60 min. | $155 Sun.-Fri. | $165  Saturdays
Increase elasticity and diminish fine lines. Light aromatics of natural rosehip and organic fruit extracts soothe the senses while imparting incredible benefits to firm and refine your complexion. Protects and treats all skin types with a hydrating boost of vitamins and botanicals.

VIBRANT SKIN FACIAL BY IMAGE - 60 min. | $155 Sun.-Fri. | $165  Saturdays
Visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with this intensely hydrating facial. Our comprehensive antioxidant treatment awakens your senses and energizes your skin with a vital boost of our nourishing Vitamin C complex. Skin is instantly firmed and tightened, skin texture is hydrated and plumped, and your complexion is soft with a natural radiant glow.

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