Enjoy Mineral Spring Water Hot Tubs
Frequently Asked Questions

How long do we rent them?
By the hour

Can you take food or beverages into the tubs?
Guests of the hot tubs may bring in any non-alocholic beverage. Wine and beer may be purchased in our Gift Shop to take up to the hot tub. As we do not allow glass up on the tub hill, we will provide you with plastic cups when necessary.

Do you need bathing suits or towels?
Clothing is optional in our tubs and we have towels available to rent for $3.00. You must return the rented towels upon departure.

What is the water temperature?
Temperature ranges from 101-104 degrees. Our tubs are set to an automation system and the water temperature cannot be adjusted.

Are the hot tubs chlorinated?
Yes, it is a county health code regulation that they be chlorinated.

Can you reserve a specific tub?
No, however we will let you know what is available to choose from upon check in and see if you have a preference on being higher or lower on the hill.

Do you need reservations?
Reservations are required. We will not be accepting walk in reservations.

Do you have to be a hotel guest to use the hot tubs?
No, we welcome anyone to rent our tubs.

Where are your tubs located?
All tubs are located outdoors along the hillside.

How many people can fit in one hot tub?
Tub sizes are mostly 2-person, some are 4-person, one 6-person, one 8-person and our Oasis can fit up to 20 people.

Is there a locker room for changing and showering?
Our main locker-room facility is designated for treatment guests only. We have male and female locker rooms equipped with bathrooms, showers and lockers.

Are children allowed in the tubs?
Children 5-years and older only. It is not advised for children under 5 to be in the hot tub (there is a bench/deck area where they can sit).

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