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The Chef’s Garden Take a stroll over the bridge at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort where you’ll discover the rich backyard, more commonly known as “The Chef’s Garden”.

The Garden is not open to the public. We have special Resort Events held in the Garden for the public's enjoyment during the spring and summer months.

Consulting farmers Bill and Barbara Spencer, owners of Windrose Farm in Paso Robles, met with Chef Michael Avila to design this beautiful garden around the needs of The Gardens of Avila, the restaurant at Sycamore Mineral Springs. Incorporating sustainable gardening techniques, we farm organically, without using pesticides or herbicides. The soil is amended with locally produced Black Diamond vermicompost, from SLO County Worm Farm in Paso Robles. Fertilization is with locally sourced fish, kelp and additional mineral supplements.

The Chef’s Garden at Sycamore Mineral Springs is in a small sun bowl, which gives it a wonderful climate for growing a variety of crops quite well. There are four systems to the garden; in-ground rows for seasonal produce, vertical poles for climbing vines, raised beds for the herbs, and wine barrel containers for lettuce and "friends". The fence of the garden is also used as a trellis system, planted with pole beans and sunflowers.

Barbara Spencer comes by at least once a week to meet with Chef Michael, to supervise our landscape crew, and to ensure that everything is just right. Because our location has the climate to farm the garden year round, there is a constant rotation of vegetables, greens, beans, roots and herbs. And as a result, there’s always an abundance of fresh ingredients for Chef Michael to incorporate in to his cooking, which is why it is referred to as “seasonal and spontaneous cuisine”. But one of the most wonderful aspects of the Chef’s Garden at Sycamore is the pleasure of sharing it with our guests, all who appreciate knowing that the food on their plates has been prepared with the fruits from our own backyard.

But there’s a whole-lot more to our garden than what is planted there…
Ask about our private banquets, events and signature weddings in the Chef’s Garden

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