Meditation Labyrinth

Center yourself... Experience the meditation labyrinth at SMSR&S. Healthy living starts from within, so go ahead. Give it a try…
As you discover yourself carelessly wandering through the enticing path, you will see how easily you navigate your way to the center of the meditation labyrinth. But the experience doesn’t stop there. Take your time with a relaxing walk back and by the conclusion of your journey, you will find your own center. Modeled after the most famous labyrinth of them all, the Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France, the meditation labyrinth at SMSR&S is complimentary and open to the public. Gracefully situated in our Meditation Garden alongside the San Luis Creek in a rustic natural setting, the labyrinth is directly across Avila Beach Drive from the entrance to our parking lot.

Please be extremely careful when crossing the street. The labyrinth is only available for use during daylight hours.

A Labyrinth is a “Unicursal” walking path that has been used by many cultures for thousands of years. The oldest labyrinth in the United States is found in Galesteo, New Mexico and is 3,500 years old. There is no "right way" to walk the labyrinth. The beauty is that people can approach the experience on their own terms. However, here is a guideline you can use to break down your ‘walk’ in to stages:

1. Entering:
(also referred to as shedding or purgation.) During this stage you walk the path toward the center, and should try to acquire a relaxed, peaceful state, temporarily release concerns and quiet the mind.

2. Illumination:
The time in the center. This is a time of openness and peacefulness; you experience, learn or receive what this unique moment offers. Take your time.

3. Union:
The journey outward. You choose when to leave the center, following the same path. This is a time to review and consider what occurred in the center and how it may be applied in your life.

4. Implementation:
This stage represents your life outside the labyrinth; the world where your experience or illumination is carried into and affects your everyday life.

For an in-depth look at labyrinths we suggest reading “Walking the Sacred Path” by Lauren Artress, which is available in our Gift Shop.

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