The Spa at Sycamore Mineral Springs

Massage Treatments

Wine Therapy Massage
60/90 minutes ~ $120/$150
This integrative massage uses hand-blended oil containing antioxidant grape seed extract. Includes a 4 oz. glass of local premium Chardonnay to complete your wine therapy experience.

Hot Stone Massage
90 minutes ~ $150
Blends traditional massage techniques with heated basalt stones to penetrate tension and improve circulation with warmth and comfort to ease your stressed muscles.

Pre-Natal Massage
60/90 minutes ~ $120/$150
This soothing, full-body massage helps relieve stress and tension on weight-bearing joints. Performed while lying on your side, the motherhood blend of essential oils will relax and sooth.

Massages Enhanced with Aromatherapy
Massages below include a choice of pure essential flower and plant extracts to enhance your massage experience.

Integrative Massage
60/90 minutes ~ $105/$135
A therapeutic full body massage that integrates several massage techniques of light to medium pressure to embrace your specific needs by easing muscle tension and promoting relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage
60/90 minutes ~ $120/$150
Powerful pressure and therapeutic techniques work deeply into the muscle tissue to stimulate circulation, increase range of motion and relax deep muscle tension.

Hand, Foot and Scalp Massage
60 minutes ~ $95
This spa trio features massage of the hands, feet and scalp to reduce tension and improve circulation for the ultimate in relaxation.

Express Massage
30 minutes ~ $65
Focusing on the back, neck and shoulders, we offer this quick solution to relieve the areas with the most muscle tension.

Hand and Foot Massage
30 minutes ~ $65
Indulge your hands and feet for how hard they work for you every day with this massage combo that will relax you and your overworked muscles.

Tranquility for Two
60 minutes $230/couple ~ 90 minutes/$290
Relax side by side, with a stimulating full body integrative massage designed to relax & release tension while you slip into tranquility together.

All spa treatments include a complimentary mineral spring soak prior to your appointment. Open daily, 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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