Healing Arts

Wellness Starts From Within Rejuvenate yourself through the innovative healing arts classes available at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort and Spa. It’s a pure and simple approach to wellness. Featuring Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and more, classes are offered daily in our unique, secluded Healing Arts Dome. All of our professionally trained instructors have been selected based on their advanced experience and dedication to the art. They believe in the undeniable connection between the mind, body and spirit, and are a genuine, natural extension of everything they teach. All classes are complimentary for resort guests and are also open to the public, priced per class, per person. Private instruction is available upon request.

The Sycamore Experience

Gentle Yoga:
A gentle yoga class for all levels that integrates basic yoga postures. Each class will center you early in the day to stay balanced and aligned--with better posture, muscle tone and renewed energy.

Hatha Yoga:
An inviting, easy-to-follow sequence that merges breath, posture and mindfulness, helping you "tune in" to your body and release tension. You’ll increase flexibility and strength in both the upper and lower body, and improve muscle tone and balance.

Centering Yoga:
Centering yoga is physical and mental focus on breath, movement and soft sounds which center the mind, connect the spirit and erase stress.

Restorative Yoga:
A simple gentle class utilizing blankets and cushions to support your body in nurturing poses. You'll enjoy deep breathing to unwind mental and physical tension, and a new level of energy that will leave you refreshed.

Focuses on posture, balance, coordination and flexibility, strengthening "core" abdominal and spinal muscles to improve muscle tone and prevent or relieve back pain.

T'ai Chi:
An ancient Chinese system of exercise with slow, deliberate meditative movements to balance the body, mind and spirit. You move through a series of easy-to-follow choreographed movements that flow.

Ancient techniques for training focused attention to develop concentration. All methods are designed to quiet the mind while refining mental alertness. They are particularly helpful with anxiety, depression, and attention problems that may be affecting your ability to learn or have clarity in your daily life and relationships.

View our Healing Arts class schedule. Classes offered daily in our Healing Arts Dome; a unique meeting venue for workshops and wellness classes.

Hotel Guests: Complimentary with Hotel Resort Pass
Non-Hotel Guests: $15.00 per class
Yoga Pass: $100.00/10 classes

Private Classes:
Private Instruction: 90 minutes/$90
Group Instruction: 60 minutes/$20 per person (4 person minimum)
72 hour advanced reservations: subject to availability

Prices and class schedule subject to change without notice.

Use our facilities to host your own Yoga Retreat right here at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort and Spa. Learn more…

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For reservations, call:

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